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For nearly 30 years you keep on regularly meeting with someone else just to play music together, with no interruptions, going through all the events which inevitably crowd everyone's own existence. Obviously that can not be a simple hobby, but something you have deep inside, probably much deeper than you may think; maybe those are the moments in which one reaches the highest closeness to his own real nature.

XMACHINA: an Italian music band.


image of an accordion XMACHINA was founded around 1980 as an experiment of collaboration between players and song-writers coming from several pre-existent bands. The band, which for a few years was called EX-MACHINA, proposed a particularly varied repertoire of songs and instrumental compositions.

That original line-up, which included also two of the current members of XMACHINA, carried on its activity for a few years, distinguishing itself thanks to an happy combination of pleasant melodies, original and involving lyrics and somehow elaborated arrangements, as a token of the different influences brought in by every member.

Changes (in people, instruments, moods, balances, ambitions and so on) undoubtedly represent one of the things most music bands sooner or later have to face. Also XMACHINA underwent many changes. Towards the end of the eighties, for example, the author of most of the songs, who also was the lead singer, left the band.

We decided to carry on. Our repertoire was completely renewed, thanks to the ideas and work of everyone of us.

We also decided to rely on a female lead voice, while the writing of lyrics was entrusted to Roberto Tossani, an old friend of ours.

Other changes followed (lead vocal, bass player), which ended up in a period of pretty good stability (new female voice, no bass).

The beginning of the new century brought another remarkable change, as both the keyboard player (one of the founding members of the band) and the singer, for different reasons, left. Besides, far more dramatically, we had to face the loss of Enzo, clarinet and accordion player.

The transition to the new keyboard player was smooth, thanks to the fact that the former one had announced his departure in advance, while the search for a new wind player turned out to be Far more difficult. Eventually, after a few non resolving attempt, in late 2006 XMACHINA could finally start recording some new material.


image of a clarinet It is not easy to classify XMACHINA's music, defining it as belonging to some musical genre. To be honest, we have not yet really understood why that should be done.

We have always been playing our own music, following our personal tastes, without any forced reference to some so called musical standard. This way of working has been leading to the birth of both songs and instrumental tracks which often heavily exceed the usual 3/4 minutes, thus allowing us to vent our improvisation needs, which have been constantly growing during the many years some of us have spent playing together.

Outdoor performances were gradually replaced by shows in settings more suitable for a kind of music which, unlike what happens in other cases, primarily aims to be listened to and to make the listener enjoy its details and the light and strong sensations it can convey.

The major part of our tracks are not composed by one of us alone; most of the arrangements come from a team work, which is always based on improvisation. Once we have agreed on the basic idea of a new piece, we love to improvise, listening ourselves to the birth of music ad pointing out the melodic and rhythmic solutions which prove to be the most interesting ones. We make our choices on the basis of the energy and emotions that music gives us.

We often like to work on elaborated rhythmical solutions, but we try not to fall into that kind of technicism which, although fascinating and always worth admiring, runs the risk of penalizing emotion. We particularly like those pieces of music which succeed in combining technique and feeling, sometimes thanks to quite complicated arrangements and solutions which however are not so evident at a first hearing.

Thus, following this direction, in recent years we have written many instrumental pieces, which we consider particularly challenging, as instrumental music can not rely on the help of lyrics to catch and hold the attention of the listener.


image of a drumOur sound didn't pass through relevant changes during the years. Our instruments are sophisticated in some way, but usually we don't like to exploit electronics too much. Probably we aren't much up-to-date from this point of view: we still figure the musician as a person who can, besides any ability with software, actually play a real musical instrument.

We use electronics and MIDI interfaces just to give more strength to the sound. Computers and sequencers are often used to work on arrangements and to file all the ideas which come up during rehearsals or even when someone of us, at home, gets caught by some sudden inspiration....


XMACHINA's repertoire is quite wide, expexially if we consider all our recordings, including the tapes and cassettes made before getting to digital media. Today, however, the band mainly focuses on recent material, as always entirely composed and arranged by us, with Italian lyrics.

As a whole, the tracks are fairly heterogeneous; some are quite loaded with energy, while others create a more acoustic, suffused, somehow jazzy atmosphere.

We are currently promoting our latest CD, HosSete, while working, as always, on some new ideas which we plan to record in the future.

With the aim of giving a little contribution to the world of sensations which binds man and music.