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Marco, drums.

He started playing drums in remote 1976, toghether with some school mate (one of them was Roberto Tossani). All of that, actually, was made possible by the patience of his parents, who not only bought him a drum set (third-handed and still on duty), but also stoically tolerated all the noise that came next.

During the following years he played with several groups, taking part in the work of composition and arrangement. He has always been fascinated by that kind of music which reveals the player's mastery of his instrument, that musical and technical mastery which certainly cannot be achieved in a trice. He thinks that a suitable combination, very difficult to achieve, of emotion, imagination and technique, is the foundation of a well done piece of music, capable of a long lasting fixing in the mind of a listener.

He has always been fascinated by rhythms which are somehow strange (for example, odd signatures); he enjoys them very much, even if he doesn't appreciate so much those musical genres in which pure technical skills tend to prevail on feeling.

Marco takes delight in composing songs and, most of all, instrumental music, which he considers particularly exciting because an instrumental piece of music can rely only on music itself to catch and hold the listener's attention; there's no help from any lyrics. Another hobby of Marco's is writing (in a far from noble sense of the word) poems and short stories, of which some examples can be found in the Italian section of the site.

Some of those writings, toghether with a few musical ideas not jet used by the band, were employed in the making of the CD SpuntAnta.

Computing teacher, he is responsible for the design, creation and maintenance of this site (in other words, it's me ).

Marco e Luigi are at the moment the only remaining members of the former line-up of XMACHINA.

With the aim of giving a little contribution to the world of sensations which binds man and music.