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Luigi, guitars, is one of the founding members of the band.

He started playing when he was very young and he accumulated, during the years, many musical experiences. He has been studying classical guitar and played with many bands, being interested in many different kinds of music: from pop-rock to fusion, passing through medieval music, folk music and so on.

One of the experiences he found particularly rewarding was dedicated to folk music and consisted of a long co-operation with some folk bands in rediscovering and bringing out those instruments and sounds which, in spite of being part of a culture we all (more or less consciously) have behind us, risk to be set aside just because they are not saleable. During that period he performed in several concerts in many Italian places.

XMACHINA's works owe very much to Luigi; his personal way of conceiving music, much sensitive to harmonic details and not very fond of cold technique, happily combines, suitably diluting them, with the twisted rhythmic inclinations the drummer sometimes reveals...

The CD Di cose di noi features, amongst others, a song entirely composed by Luigi (Favola d'ottobre).

On the hobby side, Luigi is very fond of all musical applications of computer technology. Thanks to his skill and kindness, XMACHINA is capable of self-made high quality recordings.

With the aim of giving a little contribution to the world of sensations which binds man and music.