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Antonietta, keyboards.

Holder of a piano diploma and a degree in Art and Show Techniques, she has been part of XMACHINA since 2002.

Even though her musical studies have been mainly classic, she's always been interested in other musical genres, as jazz, fusion, heavy metal, ecclesiastic repertoire.

Due to a family tradition she is very industrious at cooking (at least she tries to); this leads to evident effects on her bodily volume... As a matter of fact she usually compares herself to a geometrical shape, declaring to tend towards the sphere, the emblem of perfection.

In her spare time she's often busy with a camera, thanks to which she produces a whole lot of dark and blurred photographs, which only a superficial and inexperienced observer could regard as badly done.

With the aim of giving a little contribution to the world of sensations which binds man and music.