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After the making of the CD "Di cose di noi" we had contacts with some independent labels, one of which proposed to produce another CD under the flattering supervision of a rather well known artistic producer. Nothing happened. The truth is we took part, as well as God knows how many other bands, in a leg pulling tournament, a kind of sport which seems to be much common in music business.

Luckily, thanks to a reasonable amount of wisdom, probably due to age, we never truly believed in those promises and so the epilogue didn't considerably trouble us.

Nevertheless we decided not to give up the recording of new material, this time counting on our own resources, less sophisticated and powerful but certainly much more honest and reliable. We installed a few microphones in our rehearsal room and we carried out a live multi-track digital recording. Later we worked on editing and mixing, taking our time and using a semi-professional software.

The result was the CD Albero Maestro, a handful of new tracks to which we added some other tracks, formerly only available online, taken from the recording of a live performance in 1999. All together five songs and four instrumentals, totalling about 50 minutes.

All lyrics were written by Roberto Tossani

Albero Maestro has a special meaning to XMACHINA, not only because it is the first CD entirely produced by the band, but also because it collects the last things which were made before some lineup changes which, although in very different ways, heavily affected us and our musical activities.

The clarinet and accordion parts in this CD are, even if we still find it incredible, the last recordings we performed with our friend Enzo, who keeps being to us the "Maestro" we dedicated this entire work to.

These tracks also mark the end of the collaboration with XMACHINA of Renato, one of the founders of the band. Having decided to move 400 km away, he would have serious problems in being on time at rehearsals...

With the aim of giving a little contribution to the world of sensations which binds man and music.

Title: Fermosole       Length: 5:59

Music: A song with a powerful rhythm, enforced by a vigorous accordion background.

Lyrics: The female character is still, standing still on the road. She is there. She makes the sky revolve, she makes stones walk, but her body does not move. And yet she breaths. And her breath isn't just a simple exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen, her breath makes her move, through her breath she sees the whole world, even what we don't see, we don't know, we can't imagine and therefore, now and here, does not exist. She breaths and she sees the world. She sees the world because inside her she has a sun. Outside she has a motionless body. Inside she has another one which is her sun, which makes her breath move, which is able to make her see and invade reality.
But suddenly someone is looking at her. And she can not carry on staying still. Those eyes are asking, are grabbing her: she moves. And the sky becomes a still sky again. Her inside sun, her inside body, her inside breath: gone. There's only reality, now. Which is not rubbish, sure: it is always a little necessary. But now, as she gets into the car and goes, she can not arrange a meeting with the world because the world, to come to us, needs us to be still. And she won't be able to create something great because she decided (or could not avoid) to get in.
And go.

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Title: Forse       Length: 5:47

Music: A classic strophe/refrain song, with guitar intro and a central clarinet solo.

Lyrics: A love story. He has many dreams, he would like love to be more than it actually is, he would like the world to be another, he would like the mystery of life to hide a joyful enchantment. She is not so sure things are like that. Maybe (forse) he is right, maybe life goes far beyond daily habits. Maybe not. Maybe to her love is nothing more than a sweet compromise between two people who try to grow old together well. Maybe that's already everything, if they will be able to do it.

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Title: Stammaccanto       Length: 6:19

Music: Instrumental piece in which the 7/4 signature is somehow smoothed by a regular drum part. Every instrument has its space for a solo. A track quite suitable for improvisation.

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Title: Prima di dormire       Length: 5:57

Music: A song with quiet rhythm, which gets more intense in the refrain. Clarinet solo in the end.

Lyrics: Passionate and sweet love song from a middle aged woman, who abandons rationality and maturity to enjoy a feeling and a sexuality which, even if they could last just a single moment, give her a strength and a sensation of being alive she haven't been feeling for a long time, so long she nearly can't remember anymore...

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Title: Un inshtante (sul lago di Bolsena)       Length: 6:01

Music: This instrumental piece is made of two different parts. In the first, guitar and keyboard alternate to create an atmosphere which is vigorous although simple. The second part consists in a long clarinet solo which gradually gets more intense.

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Title: Ninna nanna       Length: 4:10

Music: A love song in which music is very smooth and voice is absolute leader.

Lyrics: As title says.

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Title: Anomalia       Length: 3:38

Music: An instrumental track with a somehow peculiar rhythm: looks like 7, then looks like 4, then gets swingy...
Recorded live in 1999.

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Title: The Gnew       Length: 5:42

Music: Slow, intense instrumental track, with keyboard and guitar solos and some dynamic variations. Energy and atmosphere. The track is dedicated to that animal who, despite all the deadly dangers he is certainly aware of, always goes ahead as if trustfully looking for something... new.
Recorded live in 1999.

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Title: Grida la luna che va       Length: 5:59

Music: One of the most animated songs from XMACHINA, somehow near to rock, where clarinet acts as a rhythmic instrument.

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